The Association of Parents of Pupils

at the Polish School in Luxembourg

The Association of Parents of Pupils at the Polish School in Luxembourg (abbreviated APEEPL) has existed since 2007. APEEPL carries out educational and cultural activities in Polish for children, teenagers and adults. The aim of the Association is to improve the level of the Polish language and to promote Polish culture and traditions among children and adults residing temporarily or permanently in Luxembourg. The association (as its name suggests) cooperates closely with the Polish School in Luxembourg, providing financial, organizational and logistical support for its activities.

APEEPL also organizes the following regular classes:

1. Polish kindergarten – cultural and educational activities in Polish for preschool children (Saturdays only). The courses are targeted to the youngest generation of Poles. It is the only project of its type in the region. Every year our facility welcomes around 50 to 60 children living not only in Luxembourg but also in border areas in France, Belgium and Germany. The kindergarten offers education in Polish to children aged 3 to 5 years. Through specially prepared educational activities and during other cultural and educational events (such as the annual trip, visit to the theatre, St. Nicholas Day, Easter fair, Parents’ Day or excursions), children learn the Polish language, discover customs and traditions and integrate into the Polish community. The program prepares the youngest children for the Polish school. Our kindergarten gives children the opportunity to learn the Polish language and acquire knowledge about Poland, to broaden their horizons, awaken their curiosity about the world and, above all, allows them to play and have fun with their Polish-speaking friends.

2. Art classes – activities for children aged 6 to 10. These are creative workshops taking place on Saturdays at the Polish school where children learn various techniques, such as drawing, painting, sculpture or origami.

3. Dance classes – activities for children aged 6 to 10 taking place on Saturdays at the Polish school. They include elements and choreographies of different dance styles: folk dances, contemporary dance styles, classical dance. The group performs at various Polish events and festivals. Children dance during their performances in beautiful costumes, purchased with grants from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

4. Chess club – activities taking place on Saturdays at the Polish school. Playing chess helps increase math skills, especially in the areas of logic, spatial orientation, analytical thinking and problem solving. The chess club is run according to the program “We play chess” of the Polish Ministry of National Education and is given by qualified chess trainers.

For many years the association organized the largest Polish community event in Luxembourg – the picnic on the occasion of Children’s Day. This event always attracted crowds of not only Poles, but also their non-Polish friends, and offered fun to the whole family!

APEEPL organizes numerous meetings with famous authors of books. At the invitation of the Association and in cooperation with the Polish Embassy, we welcomed in Luxembourg among others: Michał Rusinek, Katarzyna Kłosińska, Magdalena Grzebałkowska, Adam Wajrak and Grzegorz Kasdepke. These meetings are open to all interested people and are of great interest to both children and adults.

APEEPL also offers various workshops, including drama workshops for teenagers and workshops for parents on topics such as raising a child or keeping family safe online. The association occasionally organizes book fairs and theatre performances for children.

The members of the association warmly invite you to join them and actively participate in the work of the APEEPL!